Thursday, March 13, 2014

I know you are GREEN, but how about your homeowners insurance?

Vermont now is different than Vermont 20 years ago.  Not only that is more diverse, but proximity to everything, close to nothing, free-range environment keeps attracting just about the right mix of weird, free-thinking, and hard working, and VPR listening intellectuals who might not always agree on everything, but one thing we all agree on is: we got to keep Vermont green.

So we do what we can.   We do all the big obvious things, and than some.  

But there is something you can do, and you are probably missing out on it.  

Some insurance companies are offering “green endorsement” on their homeowners policies.  Say what?

See, when you have a claim, insurance will only get you to the point where you were before the loss, because insurance is not designed to make you be better off after a claim.

But, for a very very small fee, some insurance companies offer green endorsement, and this endorsement will fix up your place better than it was before a loss.

Such endorsement provides extra $ to cover added expenses of being green.

Concord Group Insurance offers such endorsement.  To find out cool things about this endorsement, click on a link below: