Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What should a Vermonter have in his or her car?

You all have probably seen it before, a list of things we are suppose to have in our car.  Of course it's good to know, but most of the time lists are full of obvious things, so putting another detailed list of what we should have and why we should have it seems silly and almost condescending.

But there is one item on the list of things we should have in our car that most of us don't have.

I am talking about a First Aid Kit.  I don't know why people don't have it, because we all know that having a First Aid Kit in a car is sexy.  Being prepared in general is sexy.  If you have ever been in Europe, you have probably noticed that every car has First Aid Kit, and in some countries it's required by law.  Emergency First Aid Kit is small, cheap, and a must have, so take time and buy one today.  Hopefully to never use it, but go ahead buy one anyway.
And now just for a good measure below is a list of all the things one should have in his or her car.
  • Windshield scrapper 
  • Extra windshield fluid
  • Phone charger
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • Medications
  • Food and water
  • Tire pressure gauge 
  • Shovel
  • Cat litter
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Extra clothes
  • Blanket
  • Spare tire
  • Camera
  • Multitool, something that can cut through seat belt and break a window
  • Flares or reflective triangle-most people don't have it, but they should, because being prepared is sexy
  • Carrier pigeon to carry out your messages, in a case you don't have cell phone service.  Just kidding carrier pigeons are  extinct.  Once there were around 4-5 billion of them in the US, but discovery of telegraph and phone, made them obsolete.  Last carrier pigeon died in 1914.  We couldn't even keep like a million of them.
There are so many other things that you can have, but than you would be MacGyver and that you are not.  So use common sense and be prepared.

First Aid Kit, really a must have in every vehicle.

Carrier pigeon, would be cool to have, but we can't because they are extinct.