Sunday, December 6, 2015

What to do about blind spots?

18% of car accidents that occur on roadways take place during lane changes.  Blind sports are to blame for most of these accidents.

Blind spots are avoidable.  Newer cars have blind spot sensors and lane departure warning systems, but technology will not eliminate accidents, and not all cars have sensors. 

To reduce the possibility of accidents that arise from lane changes we have to minimize blind spots.  Three things can be done:

    1.  Properly adjust your mirrors.  Here is a great 4 step way to ensure minimum blind spots:

    2.  Blind spot mirrors.  They are extremely useful and extremely inexpensive.  A pair of blind spot mirrors cost anywhere from $2-$6.  There is no reason not to have blind spot mirrors.

    3.  Always check for blind spots.  Even with properly adjusted mirrors and blind spot mirror checking blind spots is a must.
Regular mirror does not show the new vehicle, but blind spot mirror does.